From Seattle, WA I drove north to Whistler, B.C.; Spending the week in Whistler I rode my bike at the world famous Whistler Bike Park and went hiking around the area. With more free time this week, I set up an online store to start selling prints of my work. For now, I only have a few listed but plan on adding more soon.
Link to store here.
If there is something you wish to know that is not in one of my weekly updates, feel free to get a hold of me via email and I would be happy to talk. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see all of the photos from this week. Also if you have instagram feel free to follow me @alex19perz and @AdventureRegistry.
Short Term:
Design one sticker a week
Post weekly updates on my website
Take photos and video as much as possible to help build a database of content to help create a photo book/ short film.
Long Term:
Photobook of my travels.  Late Fall 2019/ Spring 2020
Short Film. Dependent on footage
Video Ideas:
Car tour/ day in a Life of a Traveling Man
Sticker Design of the Week:
No design this week, working on some larger projects in the background for now.
Stickers are now for sale! As of now, there is only one design in stock but I plan on having more designs in stock in the future. One dollar from every sale will be donated to the Leave No Trace non-profit (more info here). I decided that since I'm using and enjoying public land, I should also be doing something to keep the land clean and enjoyable for everyone.
Instructions ($5, Shipped):
To buy, simply PayPal/ private Venmo me $5. In the transaction description include your shipping address and an email address. I will notify you via email when your sticker has shipped.
My PayPal. 
My Venmo: alex19perz
The Map:
This Week: Whistler, B.C.
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