The past two weeks have been amazing! The original plan to hike the Lake Tahoe Trail did not go as planned. As my brother and I headed into the Lake Tahoe wilderness, we soon where meet by snowpack from this past winter; Still reaching heights of ten feet at some points. The first day we set up camp at one of the only spots that did not have snow and slept for the evening. Not being able to find the trail due to the snow was very frustrating. After talking about the potential conditions of snow at even higher elevations on the trail the decision was made to hike out in the morning and drive south to Yosemite to hike and explore other areas of California.
Yosemite brought many adventures; Hiking to the top of El Capitan, talking with climbers, sunrises/ sunsets at tunnel view and trying to spot climbers on the big walls in the valley. After exploring Yosemite we made our way south to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. The trees there are so big it's hard to believe unless you see it in person. Heading further south to Death Valley National Park we stopped at the the lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level; the temperature while there was 118°F. To escape the heat we headed to everyone's favorite desert town, Las Vegas. We saved our money and decided to head to the Hoover Dam to see how cities like Las Vegas get their power. From the Hoover Dam, we headed west to Pacific Coast HWY 1. We drove from Pismo Beach, CA to Monterey, CA stopping in Big Sur, CA along the way. Parting ways with the ocean we headed east with our sites set on Reno, NV to send my brother home. Before making it back to Reno we decided to stop at Yosemite once more to view its immense size.
This coming week I am heading west the coastline once more, then taking the Pacific Coast HWY 1 north to Seattle, WA
If there is something you wish to know that is not in one of my weekly updates, feel free to get a hold of me via email and I would be happy to talk. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see all of the photos from this week. Also if you have instagram feel free to follow me @alex19perz and @AdventureRegistry.
Short Term:
Design one sticker a week
Post weekly updates on my website
Take photos and video as much as possible to help build a database of content to help create a photo book/ short film.
Long Term:
Photobook of my travels.  Late Fall 2019/ Spring 2020
Short Film. Dependent on footage
Video Ideas:
Car tour
A day in a Life of a Traveling Man
Sticker Design of the Week:
Top image, design for sale. Bottom image, this weeks new design.
This weeks sticker design I wanted to continue practicing hand lettering and the way shapes/ letters interact with one another.
Stickers are now for sale! As of now, there is only one design in stock but I plan on having more designs in stock in the future. One dollar from every sale will be donated to the Leave No Trace non-profit (more info here). I decided that since I'm using and enjoying public land, I should also be doing something to keep the land clean and enjoyable for everyone.
Instructions ($5, Shipped):
To buy, simply PayPal/ private Venmo me $5. In the transaction description include your shipping address and an email address. I will notify you via email when your sticker has shipped.
My PayPal. 
My Venmo: alex19perz
The Map:
This Week: Reno, NV - Lake Tahoe, NV/CA - Yosemite N.P., CA - Sequoia & Kings Canyon N.P., CA - Death Valley N.P., CA - Las Vegas, NV - Hoover Damn, NV - Pacific Coast HWY 1, CA - Pinnacles N.P., CA - Yosemite N.P., CA - Reno, NV
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