What an amazing two weeks it has been. Once again starting the week off in beautiful Whistler, B.C., riding my bike at the Whistler Bike Park. Whistler Bike Park has to be one of my favorite places to visit. While at the bike park I decided that it would be fun to put together a small video to show my experience in a first-person view (video posted below). Whistler has a lot more to offer than just mountain biking, it has the most beautiful village at the base of the mountain, tons of hiking trails around town and plenty of lakes to go cool off at after a long day of biking. During my two and a half week stay in Whistler, I celebrated my 24th birthday. Although I have been traveling by myself that has not stopped me from meeting new friends and that I did. Meeting a handful of Whistler locals we went to some of the local bars in the village to celebrate my birthday (it was a very fun time). Between riding the bike park almost every day, meeting new friends/ having old friends visit, exploring the greater Whistler area and, celebrating my birthday, it's safe to say that I really enjoyed my time in Whistler.
Heading east from Whistler I drove deeper into the Canadian Rockies, eventually making my way to the Icefields Parkway on the border of British Colombia and Alberta. There I explored some of the most beautiful high alpine lakes and the glaciers that fill them. One of my bucket list items for the trip was to get an amazing photo of Moraine Lake. Planning out the photoshoot I decided to head to the lake towards the end of the day to capture the sunset. Arriving at 8 p.m. I captured a few photos of the sunset but knew I wanted more. Checking my weather app for temperatures and rain it looked like perfect conditions to shoot the night sky. I headed back to my car, made food and packed up what I needed for the night. At 11 p.m. I made my way back to the photo location, the night sky had more stars than I had ever seen; That was until the clouds rolled in, blocking the stars around 1 a.m. Nevertheless, I decided to wait it out, which turned into me sleeping on the rocks with just a sleeping bag and a small rock for a “pillow”. At 5 a.m. I awoke to other photographers setting up their tripods to capture the sunrise. Already there with camera in hand, I was able to capture the sunrise as well.
Finally, after spending three weeks in Canada I crossed the border and entered Montana to visit Glacier National Park. The park was amazing and but after seeing the Canadian side of Glacier National Park it was hard to compete. From Glacier, I was in an all-out sprint to make it to Jackson, WY to fly home. I currently am back in Wisconsin for two weeks to make more money to keep the adventure going. After these coming two weeks of work are over I will be road-tripping with my father back to Wyoming to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and picking my car up to continue the adventure. The next Adventure Registry update will come out on September 1st. Even though I will be very busy the next few weeks working to make money for the adventure, be on the lookout when September 1st comes because I am expanding the scope of the Adventure Registry project to include one more element. If you have enjoyed these updated, photos or sticker designs please take a look at the photos I have listed for sale via the link below. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back September 1st.
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Sticker Design of the Week:
This weeks sticker design is inspired by the the beautiful rolling mountains of the Icefields Parkway and the starry night sky of Moraine Lake.
Stickers are now for sale! As of now, there is only one design in stock but I plan on having more designs in stock in the future. One dollar from every sale will be donated to the Leave No Trace non-profit (more info here). I decided that since I'm using and enjoying public land, I should also be doing something to keep the land clean and enjoyable for everyone.
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The Map:
This Week: Whistler, B.C. - Icefields Parkway A.B. - Moraine Lake, A.B. - Glacier N.P., MT - Jackson, WY
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